Dare to love it all.

This is perfect.


I spent the majority of my teenage years planning my breast augmentation.  All of the woman in my family were born with small breasts and rectified the situation at a young age. Why wouldn’t I do the same? Fix this flaw and enjoy the beauty and attention for decades to come.  At sixteen years old, I would research the best doctors, prices, and payment plans. Though I wore push-up bras and no one besides a couple of beaus had seen my breasts, my gaping bra was a constant reminder that I wasn’t a woman.  I so desperately wanted to feel the curves of womanhood.  

Here I am at twenty and somewhere along the way, I learned to love myself (even my breasts).  Though what men don’t realize is that a woman’s journey to love herself is purposeful, life-long, and exhausting.  Even after I was able to desensitize myself of…

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