Healing (continued)

My healing journey continues. I have become very aware of the fear I feel around men in general. A trauma block of sorts. I am going to attend a healing session with this healer:

DOALEOVA-1.jpg picture by robcarris

Doña Leova is a Traditional Healer from the Nahuatl Indian nation of Puebla, Mexico. Her work is based in a cosmology of Healing that is known as the “Tradition of the Grandmothers”….. named because historically, one grandmother would share the practice with one granddaughter who would then go on to become the next practitioner.

Within her Community she is renowned as a Medicine Women and in her tradition a “Limpia” (or inner cleansing) is a form in which using a combination of body-work, massage, prayer and the intention of the healer and the client the echo of old pains, traumas, fears and tendencies that no longer serve the client can be released and cleared. Generally people feel lighter, more balanced, open and profoundly relaxed following a treatment.
Her work is deep…. and filled with Kindness…..
If you have success stories on healing from trauma from verbal abuse, please feel free to share.



2 thoughts on “Healing (continued)

  1. Hey! I was searching about Dona Leova and came across your blog… I realized you didn’t continue writing after you said you would have a session with her; you haven’t written since then? What happened? I’d be happy to know how you are. Hope you’re just fine. All the best…

    • Hey Lirio, thanks for writing to ask how it went. It was a while ago now but I do recall us going quite deep. There was some physical aspects involved and I recall feeling some pain as things were being shifted around. But it was a “good pain,” as it helped me release. You know, I find it interesting that I stopped writing after this post. I think that, in and of itself, is such a profound piece of evidence that I was able to simply let it go. WOW. Just looking back at my posts and realizing that now blows my mind. Feeling gratitude for sure. Did you end up getting a chance to meet with Dona? If so, how was your experience? Wishing you all my best…

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