Waking up

I just wanted to share a dream I had a few days ago. It was after reading about Anne Frank at night before sleep, so that was the influence. It was a continuation of a dream pattern I’ve had where I am trying to hide from some danger, and I close myself off in some tight hiding spot. It keep me safe but it also keeps me trapped.  Well I this dream there was another woman with me and 2 young girls. And we were all hiding like Anne from the Nazis.  Well there we were all hidden and therefore imprisoned, and I was even able to lock the door real tight.  But at that moment I realized what was happening.  I felt the stress in me, and I just prayed.  I realized I was dreaming and I prayed to God to help me wake up. And just like that, I did.
I realized the meaning of my dream was that instead of facing my daemons in my dreams all I have to do is wake up from the spell we are all under that keeps us trapped in the conflict.. And that I’m waking up for me, but also for all women.  I can keep them safe by waking up. 

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