Radical Self-Acceptance

20130320-235848.jpgMy dear friends, I want to invite you all today to a warm and beautiful place. It is the place within each of us… Our souls’ home. Although this is the sweetest place to be, I am saddened by how few of us have the key to the door that leads there. In the simplest terms, all we need to get there is the complete acceptance of who we are, and the willingness to just be who we are.

But unfortunately, apparently only 2% of women consider themselves beautiful. That’s 98% of us who waste our precious life force energy on feeling anxious about our noses, weigh, or the hair on our toes! (These are actual examples of conversations I’ve had with women!) It’s hard to believe that this would be the case, especially considering how smart and well educated these fellow women are. In effect it seems that no amount of education in our patriarchal system actually makes us immune to the self-hate we are brainwashed to adopt into our psyches.

So how did I break through the brainwashing? It’s a little bit like finally seeing the Matrix we live in. The messages to hate ourselves are everywhere, and are so normalized, we don’t even notice them. But I finally saw through it all after learning about the nature of abuse I’ve had to deal with in my family of origin. It finally got so intense that I finally had to seek out information about it. And you know what I learned? It’s that none of the horrible stuff had ANYTHING to do with me! It was all the another person’s pain that they were using me as a garbage dump for. Well, that made me see the bigger patterns in our society. In effect, none of the stuff the media suggests has anything to do with me personally. It’s all just a way to make money, because if they can keep you insecure, they can keep you spending that hard earned cash. It all became so clear for me. There is such parallel between the personal self-hatred, the abuse in my family, and the general self-hatred sold to us in the media. It is all connected and it is all normalized so we don’t even realize it is happening.

But I did realize, and I am no longer willing to hate myself for the benefit of others. I’ve adopted a policy of radical self-acceptance. I consider myself a soul activist. The change has taken place, there is no going back. I invite you to join me on this journey and I welcome you back home.


2 thoughts on “Radical Self-Acceptance

  1. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. It’s a struggle because it doesn’t matter how you look, it’s how you *feel* that you look. I don’t care to be told that I’m beautiful just the way I am by my peers or parents, because as a woman in her 20s, I don’t want to be beautiful just the way I am, I want to be better, improved, perfect. It truly is a form of self-hatred, and it’s a cycle that I don’t know how to heal from… though before you’d pointed it out, I didn’t realize how accurate my physical self worth and protection from men were intertwined. Please keep doing what you’re doing, and maybe I’ll be able to one day join the “2%”.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Piper. I do know in all of my body that all of us originally felt what the 2% have managed to maintain. At birth we are all equal… And we are on our death beds too… So it’s really this middle that gets murky… But it’s all lies. And yes, totally agree about the word beauty, like you said. Just wanted to mention that I found hypnotherapy to be an amazing tool in uncovering the roots of my issues and helping healing take place. It’s not that now I’m magically convinced that I’m beautiful, it’s that I’ve been able to reach deep beyond the conscious mind to unearth what mental constructs and experiences were keeping me in that self-hatred. As I mentioned before, it actually was a way of protecting myself… We all strive to keep ourselves safe. But sometimes when our safety has been compromised in certain ways, the defense mechanism goes into a destructive overdrive… Kind of like an allergy. Lol, maybe I’m allergic to men? Ha!!! But now I feel so healed, and it’s such a miracle… 30 years of self hate was more than enough. I don’t wish that on anyone. Wishing you peace, p.

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