Healing through the dark moments

A friend just sent me a link to a beautiful blog that had some healing wisdom I’m benefiting from tonight:

“…often when we are hurting this much it is because there is something we fundamentally do not like about ourselves.  The part that we hate, or that we are afraid of, the part we try to spin or hide when we interact with others, this part got prodded somehow, and that’s where the pain is coming from.  Letting yourself feel this, trying to put an arm around it, can feel like tumbling headfirst into the abyss.

But you CAN do it.  And until you can sit with this part of yourself, until you can accept it and treat it with compassion,  you will always be coming to the world divided.  You will never be bringing your full strength or your full authenticity to the table, never be fully intimate with anyone.  You will continually attract embodiments of this inner hurt into your life instead of the loving, strong people you want to surround yourself with.”

I doubt it is a coincidence. I’m taking these words IN. Keep reading here: truebeautyalways.com/2013/03/08/when-its-all-torn-open/

And I had some very healing conversations with friends and my mom today. We are letting our truth surface. It is a collective energy movement. I feel gratitude.

Do you have any fave ways of coping with those dark moments in life? Do share…



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